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How To Keep Your Vacant Property Safe

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Property ownership can mean many things to different people, and each landowner will have different obligations, requirements, and needs. Leaving a vacant property is sometimes a necessary life decision, but it is seldom one that homeowners are entirely happy with. 

If your position necessitates a property being empty for a few weeks or even months, there are things you may take to reduce the risk and keep it safe. In this article, we’ll look at the topic of vacant property security and offer some advice on how to keep your land safe.

What To Do To Keep Your Property Safe

Check The Property By Yourself

If you want to see your vacant property safe, you must check the property personally. Go to the house once or twice a day to roam the grounds and look for anything unusual with this method. If someone is scouting the house, seeing you show up on a frequent basis may prevent them from breaking the law. 

On the other hand, self-checks may not function based on where you live in relation to the vacant house and your work hours. With that, you can talk to your real estate agent and ask if they can check it for your regularly. 

Perform Regular Maintenance

Whether you undertake regular maintenance on the property yourself or hire a service, it’s critical to make sure it’s done on a regular basis. When people know that your home often has people who maintain it, they will think that your place is not abandoned. 

More than that, you will also know if people are using your place for illegal conduct and if there are problems with your pipes, electricity, fire detection devices, and more. 

Secure Entrances

Securing the entrances entails more than simply locking the doors; properly closing the windows and latching the glass sliding door. The less visible the inside of the property is, the less likely someone will try to break in. Also, keep an eye out for any areas of the house that could be used to obtain access. Adding deadbolts to all doors and placing wooden or metal sticks in sliding door tracks could be extra safeguards.

Install Security Systems

The most crucial part of minimizing damage to a vacant building is to keep it secure. There are several options for providing security for an unoccupied structure. You’ll need to decide which security solutions are ideal for the property based on the worth of the structure and its contents, the possibility of damage, and any other considerations that could affect building safety.

Provide Good Lighting

At night, a well-lit façade will deter criminals from approaching your home. Lights should be set at a height where they are difficult to turn off, and motion detector lights should be used to illuminate an area quickly and startle a would-be burglar. It’s also important to light the inside of the house.

There’s a new product on the market that appears like a regular light bulb. It keeps track of your habits and mimics them at night, progressively shutting off lights downstairs before finishing with an upstairs light, much like you would while going to bed. These lights can also be programmed to turn on when the doorbell rings, simulating a late-night guest waking up the home.

Monitor The Electrical System

The electrical system in your vacant home must be maintained. To avoid any electrical problems or power waste, unplug all electrical appliances. To avoid any fire concerns, it is a good idea to turn off the main power outlet.

If you want to make sure, you can always visit your place and see if there are problems with your outlets. To ensure more safety, you can hire a professional to do it for you. By this, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe from any fire damage. 

Notify Trusted Neighbours

Hopefully, you weren’t a “bad neighbor” while you resided in the now-vacant home that you’re selling. If you intend to sell your home while it is vacant, it is a good idea to notify your neighbors.

If you know and trust a neighbor, ask them to keep an eye on your property. This may require some judgment because it may go against some of the above suggestions but ask them nicely if you know and trust a neighbor. If something appears to be amiss, they may promptly notify the police or you. 

Consider Getting Vacant Home Insurance

You can actually buy insurance for this situation, believe it or not. If you plan to leave your home empty when you relocate, you should think about getting unoccupied home insurance. Acts of vandalism and some disasters, such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, and others, are usually covered by most insurance policies. Make sure to call your current house insurance provider to inquire about your current policy and their alternatives for unoccupied home coverage.


Finally, while all of the above is crucial in helping you keep your vacant property safe, it is also important to find a real estate agent that can help you. Remember to check smoke detectors, air conditioning systems, and electrical systems regularly to ensure that any problems that may be avoided are addressed. 

The sooner any problems, such as leaks or floods, are found, the easier and less expensive they will rectify. Don’t let a lack of regular inspections cost you a sale; instead, make sure you do plenty of viewings of your unoccupied property yourself.

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